Here’s an old post that I published several years ago. As I looked back over the Top Ten Reasons Why I’d Rather be the Me of Today, I felt they still captured the essence of how I feel today. I’m not without my screw-ups and mistakes. But I suppose that is part of what makes me who I am.

Well the other day I was running as I’m in the habit of doing and I was listening to STP, the Core album. I had a friend in HS that our senior year I drove him home from school everyday and he insisted upon listening to the song Dead and Bloated. Sweet. I was listening to that song and album and thought back to who and what I was back then. I was also jamming to Stabbing Westward and was taken back even more. Isn’t funny how we change over the years. It got me to thinking, I am glad to be the me that I am now and not the me I used to be. Have you ever thought what life would be like if we never changed. Darwin may have been right about evolution. Without evolution within our species and specifically ourselves, how would we ever adapt to the changing world around us? Without change we would be stuck and trapped being the old us. I thought of a Top 10 list of reasons why I am happier being me now.

Haven’t done a top 10 in two weeks so here it goes…

Top 10 Reasons I Would Rather Be The Eli Of Today And Not The Eli Of Yesteryear…

10. While still an asshole not nearly as big of one.

9. I like my body better now.

8. I got a Harley now.

7. The me that you know is now made up of wires and when I’m right here I still seem so far away (anyone who can name the artist, song and album will win $5… not really).

6. Living for others is better than living for myself.

5. I’m nowhere near as black/white… I seem to exist in the midst of gray… the beauty of gray someone once sang.

4. My life isn’t selfishly consumed with the repair and construction of a rotting hulk of metal aka Jeep Scrambler.

3. I may not be any smarter, but I’m not any dumber.

2. Coffee tastes better this side of life.

1. Ronda and the boys are the best thing that ever happened to me.

It might be nice to still have my Scrambler, the CJ5 or that big red 79 Cherokee… or any of the numerous other Jeeps I’ve owned. It might be nice to not have kids. It might be nice to still live in Athens and be a campus minister. If I’ve learned nothing in my life, I’ve learned that we can’t second-guess our choices we make in life.

The me of today is better than the me of yesteryear… which me do you like better?