IMG_6184I haven’t done this for some time, but I am going to do it today. I am going to share a running story. Well, it’s not much of a story as much as it is a plan of attack. Honestly, ever since I ran the Clearwater Marathon last January I have struggled to want to run. It is not because I felt as though I had run my best and there was nothing else to run. Quite the contrary. Overall, I am unsatisfied with my marathon experience and would prefer to have another one. The downside to that is know how terrible training for and then running a marathon is. So, I am having trouble feeling like I want to run. Then, I start going to crossfit which further complicates this because I am doing things with muscles I have done before and consequently tiring myself out. I have been going to crossfit for about 8 months now and I am beginning to feel the bug of running. By going to crossfit, I have greatly improved my running by spending dedicated time working on leg muscles… something I never did before, because I was running. Two days ago, I began a challenge for myself (this typical works to motivate me to do something) to run a 5k everyday for 30 days. My initial intention was after the running I do during the crossfit wod, I would ‘make up’ any additionally need running to total a 5k for the day. Both days so far, I have actually run during the wod and also run a full 5k. I know, 5k isn’t that far… but it is constant running everyday which in the long run will be much more beneficial than not running at all. Running 5k a day for 30 days is a total of 93 miles over the course of the month. That is not a bad number to post over the course of a month. I would be supremely happy with that number. And again, 5k isn’t that far. At my pace (which isn’t terribly fast) it only takes me about 28 minutes to run a 5k. That is if I am running with my dog. We have two Weimaraners and one is still a puppy and therefore in need of daily exercise. Although, being an energetic and vivacious puppy she still doesn’t run the pace I prefer. So I run a bit slower with her. Even with the Weimaraner handicap, 28 minutes is not a huge time commitment from me. Another bonus is quality time with my pup. I have begun to look forward to our runs together. She is our third Weim we have had and I have greatly enjoyed running with the others. The other one we have is an old man. He turned 10 this year. The only place he wants to run is to his food bowl! I have yet to bond with the pup in this way and now I am having the opportunity to do so. And I like it. She is a great dog. Little does she know, she is embarking on a #5kadayfor30days challenge too. You can follow me on Instagram over the next 27 days to see photos and all the fun we have as a dynamic running duo.