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End of Era


2 weeks ago I ended an era.

I sold Mad Max…

I sold my motorcycle.

It was months in the coming. In the last 9 months at least, I can only remember one time that I rode the thing and at that it broke down on me.

It needed tons of work, it leaked oil in my carport and it was unreliable.

It was a symbol more than it was a motorcycle. I clung to the symbol of a time that didn’t exist anymore.

What does this mean for you? For a time, there will be no posts about motorcycles. I have removed the ‘motorcycles’ page from the site. You can still read all the posts on motorcycles I have written, just the motorcycles category and have fun re-living the glory days.

Don’t lament for me (I feel an uncontrollable urge to burst into a Madonna-Esque rendition of ‘Don’t cry for my Argentina’ right now).

In coming months/years when financial stability affords itself to my family another bike is in the works. Back to the bike that captivated my soul and stole my heart… a Sportster. The last time I had one, Ronda called it my mistress. I’ve got my eyes set on a particular model of Sportster and I’m already scheming the mods. It will be glorious.

Anyway, enjoy these last two photos of Mad Max I will ever take (the one above and the featured photo you don’t see in this post).

Motorcycle Repairs, well sorta

I’ve been having some electrical issues with my bike, that I finally narrowed down to a dead battery this week. As I was figuring this out, I was looking around the bike at what is next on my radar for mods to make.

One of the first things I wanna do, is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – pull off the exhaust pipes, sand them down (they are a catchy rust color right now), paint them flat black with high heat paint and then bolt them back on. So as I was tinkering around checking to make sure the bolts would come off, here’s a video to show what I found.

Here are some more photos of the bike torn down a bit to let me do some work. I am toying with the idea of constructing side covers of some kind and re-working the fender to something less obvious.



I really like tinkering on this bike and making it totally unique and different from what it started life looking like.

One More Motorcycle

Here is one more post about motorcycles. I would love buy a Sportster and then turn it into an old school cafe racer. Deus Ex Machina has done that very thing. WhenI get another Sportster this is going to be the template I use to turn mine into a rad cafe racer. If you look at my old Sportster, you can see a progression of thought that I was trying to accomplish that was leading me here quickly. I should have never gotten rid of that bike! You can even see the influence in my current bike.

As always, cruise by Deus’ website to check out more about it. Here it is in its awesome-ness.

the only Virago I would own

I want to finish off this week of posts about motorcycles with one last one (although I will interject one this coming week).

Here is a prime specimen of the only Virago I would own or even ride. Generally, I don’t like the look/feel of the Virago… but this one is different. Follow the link, read the article, enjoy the bike.

Read more here

a midnight run of death-inducing cold

so here i am…

my family has recently re-located to st. cloud, fl. and i am stuck in gainesville to finish up my last few days at work. so it got the best of me and i decided to skip town (and work) and get to st. cloud to be with them. a reasonable solution. right, it was cold that evening. i am not sure, but i believe the weather was in the fortys when i left g-ville at 5pm. the next five hours that it took me to get to st. cloud were very cold. i started by stopping at a local western wear store on the way of town… hoping they would have chaps of the leather sort to keep me warm. no such luck. then i thought to stop at the harley dealer in ocala. got there 5 mins too late. then i remember that the bp truck stop at i-75 and the turnpike had chaps… or so i thought. it wasnt too far out of my way, so on i went. no chaps. they did have coffee which helped to warm me. then back on the bike. another stop in apopka for coffee (and another donut) and then on through orlando to st. cloud. drove past the airport. some punk in a camaro or firebird thought, ‘oh let me race the harley’, boy did he look dumb as i smoked him. finally made it home around 10pm. drank more coffee and cuddled up to the wife in bed. was very cold and did not warm up until the next morning as i took a hot shower and drank more coffee. at some point as i drove in the cold i thought to myself, ‘if you had to make this drive tonite, is there any other way you would want to make it other than on the harley?’ then i answered myself, ‘hizell no!’ i have realized that whether it is cold or wet or even cold and wet, there is no better way to ride than on a harley. what do they say in some circles: live to ride, ride to live… possibly.

anyway, check the pics (the 1 of the harley with bags on it are from the ride down) and let me know what you think about my midnight run of death inducng cold…

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