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Productivity vs Stagnation

Version 2

As I wrapped up my work day yesterday at 1am, I read an article on productivity to help me wind down. The headline caught my eye, ’15 things productive people do differently’.

Naturally, I was intrigued. I was hooked, so I read on. Coincidentally, my hours at the office have been getting consumed with what I have referred to as meetings. About midway through this list of 15 things was meetings. Highly productive people avoid meetings like the plague, apparently.

As Ronda & I walked out the door this morning, she commented she has been scheduling tons of meetings which are making getting any legal work done difficult. I referred to article I read. As she thought about the implications of what I read she drew a distinction between meetings and networking appointments, which are in truth what she is scheduling.

This caused me to consider the nature of my increasing meetings. It’s not fair to call then meetings really. Not all of them anyway. They are mostly client-centered individual sessions together assisting them in propelling themselves forward in their lives. Helping them to clarify goals, stay on budget and time management.

This is the true nature & scope of my job. The administrative and detail office-type work is necessary to support the relational aspect which is the actual work of my job. It’s easy for us to get caught up in the day to day work and forget that building relationship and community is what really matters.

Don’t caught in the busyness of life and forget the critical importance of relationship and community.

Personality Traits


I have always been fascinated by personality theory… or at least as long as I’ve be aware of something called personality theory, which in reality has only been about 10-15 years. So not, literally always… just always that I aware of.

At any rate, it is interesting to me to think through the differing qualities and characteristics which make us individual human beings. The intricacies making each of us tick, slightly different than the next person. Understanding who a person is at their personality core will help you to understand how to interact with them in the most effective way. Understanding how they view the world, how they frame and interact with the their internal world and the external world.

I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff and processing internally. Maybe this is why one of my professors suggested I was an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. On a side note – I am not an introvert, I am undoubtedly an extrovert who will at times do introverted things. Make sense? Not to me either. But in these times where I spend time thinking, I think about my personality and the pieces of that are holding me back. Or maybe not holding me back as much as u become aware of them as I attempt to become the person I am seeking to be.  I am a visionary. I dream. Big. A LOT. I have great plans with executable ideas requiring follow through. These dreams require organization and delegation of tasks.

Here’s my dilemma, I have very poor follow through.

My problem isn’t organization or administration. I’m not the most organized or the best admin, but I’m not the worst.

My problem isn’t ideas… God knows I have billions of earth-shattering, ground-breaking, life-altering ideas.

My problem isn’t communication… I am an excellent communicator.

My problem isn’t with motivation, of others… I  magnetic and able to motivate others towards an end.

My problem isn’t even with valuing the dream, idea or end in mind. Or even my commitment to the idea at hand. Admittedly, my actions often (regularly) belie my commitment.

My problem is my personal follow through. I have been aware of this for some time now. This year, 2016, one of the personal goals I am setting is to do a much better job with follow through. I am committing to doing better about finishing what I start. I am also committing to NOT committing to things I know I am not going to be able to finish. There is a beauty in saying ‘no’. I heard it said the greatest enemy of the best is good. Committing to do good things we don’t have time for inhibits us from being able to complete the best things we can. I am committing to my best in 2016.

I am setting several personal and professional goals for 2016 (they aren’t resolutions, so its ok that they aren’t totally in place and rolling on 1/1/16). I am setting goals to move me forward personally and professionally.

Reinventing Ourselves

image1How often do we approach each day as just another day? How often do we come to the end of a year and face the beginning of the next one as thought it is just another day or just another year?
It is likely we nonchalantly go from one day to the next without a second thought, but it rarely happens that we go from year to year without making a big hoopla, big to do or ordeal out of the passing of one day and coming of another. Why? Is there something more special about the first day of a new year? It has 24 hours like all the rest. It falls within the context of a normal week and a normal month.
What makes it so special? It feels as though the end of the year and the beginning of the next allows us a second chance. It feels like the end of the year gives us a chance to start over. To begin anew. To start fresh. To reinvent ourselves.
Here we are, a couple days into 2015. I don’t know what 2015 looks for you, but I know for me it is going to be one full of transition, full of excitement and full of God moving in the life of my family in radical ways.
I typically shy away from making new year’s resolutions, mainly because I don’t keep them past the first day. But this year, I have set some goals for myself. Audacious goals, actually. I’m not calling them resolutions, but goals rather. I have a strong list of goals I want to accomplish in my life in 2015.
You can narrow down all my goals into one word, and that word is discipline. Not that I am an undisciplined person, but I feel like I could have more discipline in my life. I came to this realization about 6 months ago. I began working on becoming more disciplined, but still have ground to cover.
Everything I do over the next 12 months will be in an effort to create more discipline in my life. Becoming a better father, a better husband, a better leader, and a more complete person has at its heart becoming more disciplined. I am working to create more discipline in my training, in my eating, in following through on responsibilities and in my spiritual life.
I don’t know what your success has been with resolutions, but I encourage you to take advantage of the beginning of 2015 and use it as a fresh start to reinvent yourself to become the person you have always wanted to be. You are the biggest obstacle to setting new goals for yourself this year. My goals are big. They are audacious.
In 2015 I plan to reinvent myself. I plan to become the Eli God has called me to be. I plan to be a better father, a better husband and a better person. I am not content with selling myself short any longer
I am capable of more.
And so are you.

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