And just like that, it happened. 

Seemingly overnight. One day, everything was the same and the next… it was all different. 

I thought I wasn’t like the others. I thought I could avoid the inevitable… but I couldn’t. Not this time. I succumbed the same as everyone had before me. And likely everyone after me. 

I turned forty. 

I went over the hill. 

I realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life. I’ve recently started a new career path and find myself contented with the direction my professional life is going. Things are going fairly well in my relationship with my wife. The boys are doing well in school and soccer. 

But there was something missing. A piece that wasn’t quite right. 

I was eating like crap. My fitness/exercise game was haphazard. 

And then, true to form, I found myself totally overhauling my eating and shortly there after I surprisingly found myself having a renewed interest in training for something. 

Maybe, I should start at the beginning… or at least the beginning of this chapter. One day my wife comes home and says, ‘I’m going to go vegetarian for a couple weeks, just to see how that makes me feel.’ I was all Padme Amidala from Episode 3: 

After her initial foray in vegetarianism, she came back to eating meat. Until summer, 2017. She says to me that she felt so good when my eating meat that she wants to try to commit to it long term. For some strange reason I still don’t understand, I was like ‘ok I’m in.’ This doesn’t make sense b cause I think steak and bacon should both be their own food groups. Nonetheless, I found myself embarking on a plant-based diet going into Father’s Day weekend when I was supposed to have steaks grilled for me. So here I am, in the midst of a plant-based diet feeling great… actually better than I ever have felt with regard to how I’m eating. I began eating a plant-based diet two weeks after I turned forty and have lost nine pounds in the last two months… and as much as I would like to give credit to beastly training schedule for the weight loss, I can’t really. 

On the flip side, I have seen my desire and enjoyment for running has returned. My desire to compete in races has returned. I have my sights set on a half marathon at the end of the year and a marathon after the first of the year. This renewed sense of purpose to train for a race, at best is strangely placed after I embark on a plant-based diet. The two may not be related, but I can’t help but to note that I want to train for races. More than that, my gut feels great when I am training. 

I know droves of people are changing their lives and sharing their experiences. What makes me different? To start with, I’m me. My voice is unique, with a unique set of experiences and frame of reference. I have three boys who play club level soccer who are navigating this journey with my wife and I. No, we aren’t savages. We haven’t forced them into this whole hog as of yet. Slowly. 

I can tell you this for certain, I have been able to totally redefine my diet since going plant-based. My weakness has always been an inability to drill down on my diet in such a way to actually effect change. I’m not the world’s healthiest eater now, but I eat considerably more healthy than I used to. 

I want to share my journey, the journey of my family with you. Maybe you will take something away from it. Maybe you can add something to my journey from experience. There’s no doubt that a total reformation of diet, training for marathon distance runs, and a family of boys who play club soccer will certainly be entertaining along the way. If nothing else, follow along so you can laugh at my expense!