I am following through with a commitment to find happiness in 28 Days. I committed to writing something everyday. And running too. I already today. Now I sit to scribble (metaphorically) some words. I haven’t really thought about to write each day. Just sorta writing. I used to write. A lot. There was a difficult time a decade ago that writing and running were about the only things to keep inanity at bay. But like many things in our lives, it outlived it’s usefulness to me and fell by the wayside. I began to feel like I had lost my voice. Maybe I did. Maybe I still don’t have it.

For me, writing is kinda like talking. I could talk about almost anything. Ronda constantly tells me I have an unparalleled knowledge of useless facts about 90’s music and movies. I take it as a compliment each time she informs me.

I do know lots of stuff. Stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone. I know things like the Jeep Scrambler was the rarest Jeep, based on production numbers. They built about 24,000 of them. In 1984 alone, they built 20,000 CJ7s. That’s helpful, I know. No one cares about that but me. It seems I always have insightful comments regarding 90’s music when it comes on the radio.

I know other important things too. I know how to read people and gauge their inner thoughts and feelings. With a fair degree of accuracy. I know how to build things and use math. I know how to string together a series of words into a coherent sentence.

I also know that many people are surprised by the actual breadth of my knowledge. And that I can be taken seriously. I know how to utilize humor. Everywhere. Both appropriately and inappropriately. I know how to use humor to deflect and avoid the hard stuff. With extreme efficiency.

I know how to screw up. (Don’t we all?) I know how to eat humble pie. A lot of it. I know how to learn from my mistakes. Which is a really useful skill. Especially when you make as many mistakes as I do. I think that’s actually one of the most useful things I know. I also know it’s ok to screw up. Also, a useful thing to know.

I guess that leads me to the takeaway for today – it’s ok to mess up. Just learn from the mess up. That way the mistake isn’t in vain and serves a greater purpose. Mistakes are inevitable. Are you able to learn from them?

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