I had the opportunity to feel like a child two times today.

The first was as I sat in church. I had a feeling of loneliness. It’s strange how even in a crowd we can still feel alone. I think Kid’s feel this way often. They feel like no one else can understand hoe they are feeling. Especially the times when they feel alone. The reality is, we all feel alone and lonely at times. I think at our core we are designed to not be alone. We are designed to be in community, to have others around us alongside us in life. This is why feeling alone evokes such a strong feeling inside of us. Feeling alone is counter to how we were designed to feel.

The second time I felt like a child, is as stepped out of the house to run in the rain. There’s something childlike about running in rain. I love running in the rain. There is something peaceful about running in the rain. It calls me back to being a child and I sorta feel like I’m getting away with something. There’s a childlike innocence to running in the rain. I love it.

It’s fun to feel like a child every now and again. To be free of responsibility. To be free of worry. But it’s also nice to be an adult.

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