I’ve always thought running is a mind game. There’s a physical aspect to it to be sure. But, your body gets conditioned and once you start running adding miles is easier than you would think. At some point, you will be on a run and your mind will break down. Your body is capable of finishing, but your mind doesn’t want to. I’d like to confess those are the best runs. But they aren’t. They suck. They hurt. And they are terrible. Because the mental game is harder than the physical game.

I have learned a principle that is true across all areas of life. I have seen it most often in running and in Crossfit workouts.

The pain is temporary.

At some point, the run will be over. Your body and mind can rest. The WOD will end and you can lie on the floor praying to die.

This is true for experiences we have at work too. I work in child welfare. And there are seasons when the crap just piles up. You dread going to work because you have to wade through the difficult and hard. And sometimes we wade through the horro that can be the depravity or some parents.

But it will end. The tasks will hbe completed. Reports written. Children safe. Bosses made happy and checkboxes checked.

Knowing there is an end is sometimes the only way to push through. Having a strong mind that isn’t easily broken. Makes it possible to finish.

The same is true of being a parent. Kid’s make it hard sometimes. We make it hard sometimes. We fail. They fail. We all fall apart sometimes. In the end, we love our kids and they love us. In the end, their best interest is in the forefront of our minds. I have to remind myself of this when the boys are fighting constantly. When they argue and scream at each other. When they reuse to listen and give attitude in response to everything we say to them. When I lose my cool and flip out on them.

Fortunately, life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about learning. It’s about growing. It’s about becoming something better than when we started. Failing is a part of it. Being overwhelmed is a part of it. Having your mind break on occasion is a part of it.

Life isn’t measured by how many times we get knocked down. It’s measured by how we respond to string knocked down. Do we have the mental toughness to push throw and overcome?

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