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Like many things in life, our vehicles make a statement about who we are people. Not just the condition of the vehicle mechanically and cosmetically, but also what kind of vehicle you drive.

If you drive a motorcycle, you are a rebel who lives life on the edge.

A small, economical sedan, you care about fuel economy and not being ‘car’ poor.

A sports car… well you know.

A truck or SUV, chances are you enjoy the outdoors and it’s not unlikely that you have a gun at home and possibly a dead animal on your wall.

A minivan, your life is over because there’s a wife and kids back at the house.

So much can be inferred or learned about a person based on their vehicle of choice… or not so much choice as necessity. Take me for example, I drive a mid-sized sedan. You can assume I have a budget-conscious wife, a decent-length commute and probably a minion or two running around the house. Those would all be fair and accurate statements.

So when a person like me, who knows how much is riding on having the ‘right’ vehicle choice, is faced with a cataclysmic dilemma in which the very fabric and foundation of the vehicle choices is shaken… it is a big deal.

We learned today my beloved four door sedan has lost her heart, and she needs a transplant. Problem is, not we aren’t sure the old girl is worth a transplant. Despite everything and all the love we have for her, it is going to be difficult for us to work it out for her to be on top of the donor list and snag that shiny new heart she so desperately needs.

So what do we do? Dump countless untold dollars into a special part of the family who is dying… or trade that sucker in for something else? It’s hard to know what is the best choice here. I would certainly hate the trade her in and make the wrong choice for a replacement vehicle. So much is riding on choosing the proper vehicle to express who Eli is.

I mention all of this for no reason other than to say, this has been a difficult week. We have a full plate and we gotta add this frustrating piece to the plate.

There ya have it. Maybe in a day or two there will be a follow up with further thoughts on how we solved this ‘crisis’. Realizing, while it is a crisis at least we have a vehicle to be stressing over. There are so many bigger, real problems in the world. Shelter, food, clean drinking water. And I’m worried about what to do with my vehicle.? Sadly, this is my reality.

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