IMG_5728Yet another time where God coming to rescue me stands out amongst the verses of this psalm.
And why does he rescue me? Why does he save me? Because of his lovingkindness. Because of him. Because of who he is.
Not because of me.
I have nothing to do with it. He doesn’t save me because I deserve it. He doesn’t save me because I earned it.
He saves me because that’s who he is. He is savior. He is rescuer. He is redeemer.
The totality of the grand story of God entering human history as a baby who grew up as a man and ultimately died a criminal’s death on the cross, in my place for my sins I might add, can be fully understood by realizing God is love. He is the embodiment of love.
Everything he does is motivated by his love. Even his wrath. Even his judgment.
God rescues us because he loves us. He loves us more than we are able to fathom. Which, is pretty impressive because as a parent I love my kids a whole crap ton… but it doesn’t compare to how much God loves us.
Maybe it is just the message I need to hear in this season of my life or maybe it is pure coincidence. Either way, as I am reading the Psalms God’s prolific role as savior, rescuer and protector constantly pops up. I take great comfort from this, knowing the season of life my family is embarking is one where we will need to be reminded God is our savior, rescuer and protector.
Thank you LORD.
O LORD, rescue my soul; Save me because of Your lovingkindness.

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