IMG_6135This brief and seemingly unobtrusive statement is nestled in among comments on feeling overwhelmed by both sin in my life and enemies outside of me. Despite everything login on, the storms swirling around and the madness that is life, God hears us. Despite the sin that easily entangles us and trips us up, despite our self-reliance and lack of trust in God as the author and creative of life, God still hears us. He is listening. More than merely listening, he receives our prayers. He hears them and takes them in. He hears them and cuddles them close to his heart. He receives them.
This is significant.
During the tough times of life, it feels as though we are all alone. It feel like there is no one who gets it. No one who can fathom the depths we are in. Not true. Our savior knows. Our savior wants to help. Our savior hears our prayers and receives them. He takes them in. He holds them so he is able to answer them. Like a father who listens intently to his children desiring the best for them, he holds our prayers and answers them in such a way that only he can.
Reminds me oc Christmas. Ronda (my wife) is a great Christmas gift giver. I suck. She listens intently all year long at the numerous things I say I want/need along the way and will strategically pick a few things out of the multitude so at the end of the year, I get an awesome gift I have been wanting. She hears my gifts ideas and receives them into her heart and mind and waits to give them to me when it is appropriate. God is the same way. He listens, he receives and he gives when it is appropriate.
I know, there is much to say about what has been called unanswered prayers. I would argue there is no such thing, just a prayer we didn’t get the answer we wanted. Maybe God said wait, maybe he said no. Those prayers are still unanswered, just not in the ways we wanted. But this feels like a topic for another day.
The LORD has heard my supplication, The LORD receives my prayer. Psalm 6:9

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