I sit here in my boy’s bedroom with the lights out trying to assist them in going to sleep. My keys are not lit on my MacBook Air, so I am actually surprising myself as to how many letters I get right the first time. I am listening to Blackstar Act One: Purified. This is a graphic novel that has a soundtrack by Celldweller.

Enough of the nonsense of what I am doing…

At this moment, I feel as though I have a very full plate in life. This happens sometimes. We fill our plates up and then we feel overwhelmed. I wouldn’t say I am at the overwhelmed place right now, but I feel full.

I am trying to balance between a number of endeavors I have determined to be important. Maybe even critical and they need my attention. This is ok. I work well under pressure most of the time. I need to put countermeasures in place to ensure I don’t go from committed to things I can handle to overcommitted and not able to deliver on what I have committed to.

I have started speeding time planning out my week on Mondays (don’t usually get to it on Sundays). This has been very helpful to me. This makes it so I can manage a plate that is full without feeling like it is too full. This is critical to my growth. I have recently realized what is holding me back from ovine forward is discipline. This is the subject for another time, just know that having a full plate that doesn’t overwhelm is the product of implementing discipline to assist me in getting important/urgent/critical tasks done.

Therefore, I can have a plate that is full and visualize myself eating from said plate at the location below:

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