I have three awesome boys. They really are great. Most of the time they are the light of my days.

Some days they are not. Today is one of those days.

Today is a day where everything is a battle, especially with our oldest son. He is fighting us on everything. Everything. For no reason at all.

I suppose I have come to accept the reality there are some days that are going to be battles. All day long. All day long.

It continues all day today. He is fighting about everything and accepting no responsibility for his actions at all. I don’t expect him to accept responsibility like an adult, but he is old enough he can accept responsibility for his actions. Nothing is his fault. We are the bad guys.

Again, some of this comes with the territory of being parent and I accept that. But this is going beyond what is to be expected as normal.

I accept I am not the world’s greatest parent, but I know I am not the world’s worst either. I’m somewhere in the middle, nestled in mediocrity as a dad who does good sometimes but also drops the ball sometimes.

My wife and I have tried tough love today, we have tried cuddly love today, we have tried ignoring, we have time out, we have tried spanking, we have tried restriction, we have tried it all to no avail.

It’s days like these that cause even mediocre parents to question themselves and wonder whether they really are bad parents. I’m not a bad parent, but I sometimes wonder what am I doing wrong. The question “why do they hate me so much?” does come to mind sometimes. Gentle reminders and encouraging words between each other parents help to keep us on track remembering we are good parents.

Honestly, these battle days are the days I realize I am a good parent. Despite all the frustration, I did not beat or abuse my child. No matter how he acted or responded to me, he was treated with respect and dignity. I never humiliated or made fun of him. I did not cut him down or degrade him.

He is still my child. He is still my son and I love him more than he will ever know. He has captured a place in my heart that can never be taken away. From the first moment I laid eyes on him (and all my boys for that matter) he nestled his way into my heart and can never leave it… no matter what he does. He will always be my son. He will always have my love.

He may push the limits and test to see how far my love extends, but what he will find is he can never reach the end of my love. He will never push beyond its limits.

I love him without measure, beyond comparison.

I have the greatest boys a dad could ever hope for.

Even on days like today, where everything is a battle.

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