Over the break I was talking to a friend of mine about running. We were discussing how I had recently ran 15 miles. He asked how long it takes me to do run this far. I replied about 2 hours give or take. I average nine minutes a mile or less, so a seven mile run takes roughly 63 minutes. I plan about two to two and a half hours for 15 miles. His follow up question was when do I do this. It is not uncommon for me to walk out the door to go on an hour plus run at 10 pm or later. I find time for this by running late in the day.

I began to feel guilty for finding the time to run when he replied II just don’t have the margin in my life for one hour or more of running each day. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t be finding the time either. Are my priorities out of whack because I have this margin?

I don’t think so. My health is very important to me.

Running literally is therapy for me.

I have about five therapy sessions of hour or more each week. I run because is I like it, I enjoy it. But more than that, it is essential for me to keep my mind sane. It may sound funny, but it actually need to run regularly.

For me, running is living within the margins I have established in my life to keep my life in balance. Just like eating (eating healthy foods) and sleeping are within the margins of life so is running.

Margins are in place in life to assist us to ensuring the things that matter to us have space in our lives. Margins in are place to keep us on track. Margins allow us to set priorities and then keep them. My priorities, or what is inside my margins, may not be the same as yours. Just because what’s in our margins is different, doesn’t mean either is wrong. It means we have different priorities, margins protecting different things.

That’s ok.

There’s nothing wrong with it.

Running (even for an hour or more at a time) is within my margins.

What’s in yours?

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