Between Christmas & New Years of 2010 Ronda & I packed up the boys and everything we owned to move from Jacksonville back to Orlando. This was a difficult move for us for several reasons.

First, we were devastated by the unraveling of our opportunity for ministry in Jacksonville. Second, we weren’t really sure what we were gonna do when we got here. We had no jobs, no real prospects, nothing. We had 3 boys, a uhaul truck full of stuff and inlaws who were gracious enough to allow us to move in with them for a second time.

All I knew is that I wanted to create stability for my family. I knew this was going to be hard, stability isn’t something we had known as a family. We had many things to resolve to make this happen.

Somewhere along the way, we realized God was in control of our lives. He realized he was caring for us as a father cares for his children. Almost without our knowing, stability was created. We found ourselves with stable jobs, at a stable church, in a stable community, at a stable school.

So here we are now getting ready to move twice inside 6 weeks. What?!? How is stable? Because we are moving to a house we are moving to a house we are buying. Our stability continues to become more stable.

This is fantastic!

Our new house will allow the boys to stay in the same school, we are moving closer to downtown & the church, we are moving into a home better suited for life group and community with friends. Everything about it is better.

It is a new beginning for us. It is old things starting new.

I can’t wait.

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