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Leg 1 – Athens


Well we made it.

Friday saw us completing the first leg of our journey and rolling into Athens, Ga. We left, later than we planned, on Thursday and made it most of the way stopping in Ashland, Ga. for the night at a hotel. Ronda as pretty adamant about us stopping and not going the whole way to Athens due to how late we left Thursday. We got to the hotel at around 1 am, after I had been withholding judgment as to whether we were going to stay somewhere or not. I would have gone the whole, if I had thought I was able to stay awake to get us here. Around midnight, I decides it was going to be a better move to stay the night. So we did. As it turns out, Ronda was right.

So we got up Friday morning and the boys and I ate the continental breakfast while Ronda got ready to go. We grabbed her some Waffle House to go and headed to my parent’a house arriving just in time to eat breakfast for lunch. Honestly, it was considerably better than the breakfast we had eaten. We hung out at the house enjoying my mom & dad, my bro & his kids and one of my sisters.

My parents live about a half mile from my elementary school, and it has trails behind it in some woods so Ronda and I squeezed in a brief trail run before supper. These woods hold a special place in my heart because I used to walk on them while a student at the school and after undergrad we used to ride our mountain bikes back there. There was a crazy storm Thursday that obliterated several of the trails. I always enjoy sharing my history with my wife. It was great fun to run with her back there.

After the run, we enjoyed mom’s famous tacos followed by a fire & s’mores. After baths, we headed over to Ronda’s sister’s house for the night. I got to hang out with my bro in-law, Justin, and my bro some more.

Now it is way past my bedtime and I should be asleep, but I am sharing my journey with you. Tomorrow, we are going to a park I used to frequent whirl growing up in Athens. So far, this trip has lived up to my expectations & hopes of being epic… and the camping hasn’t even started yet!

Good night.

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  1. Ryan McIntire

    June 15, 2013 at 6:45 am

    Good start to the trip, man! Did you log your trail run?

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