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A Family Vacation of Epic Proportions


Our family trip last year spanned 11 states in 8 days and covered 3000 miles. This year’s trip is planned to be a little more manageable. We are going to be staying put a little more, with our stops being a longer each place. Our travel will take us through less states, with us stopping to stay in only 2 – Tennessee & Pennsylvania. This in no way effects the epic-ness of it.

We are going to camp for 5 days at Roan Mountain State Park in East Tennessee. My family used to camp here when I was my boys’ age. Yep, we gotta get a week’s worth of camping gear up to Tennessee from Florida. We are talking about taking our kayaks too. Wow. We are an adventurous, audacious lot aren’t we?

Today we are cleaning house, going through our gear and beginning to pack up. This pre-travel day really counts as the first day of the trip since we are gearing up. My plan is to post daily a journal of our trip. Each day will no doubt bring its challenges, excitement and adventure.

I can’t wait!

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  1. Have a great time! Sounds like a good vacation to me.

    • Eli Westfall

      June 12, 2013 at 11:39 am

      Awesome! Thanks dude, we will have an adventure either way. I am really excited & looking forward to the trip.

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