Our hearts beat in a rhythm.

We breathe in rhythm.

Our bodies sleep in rhythm.

The earth rotates to produce the rhythm of the day. As the earth rotates, it also creates the rhythm of the ocean.

The earth revolves around the sun creating the seasons. These seasons are the rhythm of the earth.

In the world around us and in our own bodies we see rhythm. We see a natural cycle. We see things moving to a rhythm, a cycle that is normal… healthy.

I thought about this last night as I was running. When I run I focus on breathing in rhythm. I focus on the rhythm of one foot in front of the other. I focus on the pace, the speed that I am moving. It all feels natural.

So why am I trying to shove myself into a schedule?

It may be semantical, but I’m gonna to make a contrast. I have found myself having a difficult time settling into a schedule, calendar, or routine for the new year. Then it occurred to me, maybe I’m trying to settle into the wrong thing. Our bodies have rhythm. Why am I not trying to settle into rhythm?

I rebel against ideas like being regimented, routine, scheduled or tied to a calendar. But I wholly accept my life moving in and out of seasons (rhythm). As the year has begun, I have gotten involved in an internship and class. This has put a constraint on my time. So I have had to organize my days so that I know where I am going & what I am doing. I don’t like being on a schedule.

I am going to try and adjust my focus and get settled on a rhythm. Find my rhythm of work, study, exercise, etc. I think this will be more effective. I like the idea of tapping into my natural rhythm or seasons and building upon it.

Do you struggle with a schedule or routine? Wanna try to tap into your natural rhythm with me?

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