High Mileage Week Run 3

As you may remember, I am attempting to complete four 7.25 mile runs between 12.4 & 12.10.

I have completed 3 of them.

Today’s stats:
First mile: 8:18
Slowest mile: 8:42 (mile 5)
Fastest mile: 8:09 (mile 7)
Total time: 61.23
Average pace: 8:28/mile

This is a unique time for me and running. In the last 9 days I’ve run 29 miles with another 7.25 mile run planned on Monday. That will make five 7.25 mile runs in 11 days for a total of 36.25 in the same time.

This is significant for a few reasons.
1) this is the first time I’ve run that far this consistently.
2) the four runs in December will be inside a 7 day period which will make for the most miles I’ve ever logged in a week. My previous high is 26.5 miles, a distance I will beat by 2.5 miles. That may not impress you, but it does me.
3) this mind of mileage puts me on track to have the highest mileage month of the year.
4) I can still salvage this year and have decent mileage overall. As of today I have about 560 miles for the year. My initial goal was 1000. Then I backed it off to 750 (realizing I haven’t run consistently for about 2 years). Then I sorta just hoped to get 500 (after the summer my running took a dive and Aug.-Oct. sucked mileage wise). I should be able to log at least 625 miles for the year and with any luck I may get 650. I would be happy with either of those numbers.

Now you know more about my running than you cared to. It’s not my fault, you’re the one reading this!

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