2 weeks ago I ended an era.

I sold Mad Max…

I sold my motorcycle.

It was months in the coming. In the last 9 months at least, I can only remember one time that I rode the thing and at that it broke down on me.

It needed tons of work, it leaked oil in my carport and it was unreliable.

It was a symbol more than it was a motorcycle. I clung to the symbol of a time that didn’t exist anymore.

What does this mean for you? For a time, there will be no posts about motorcycles. I have removed the ‘motorcycles’ page from the site. You can still read all the posts on motorcycles I have written, just the motorcycles category and have fun re-living the glory days.

Don’t lament for me (I feel an uncontrollable urge to burst into a Madonna-Esque rendition of ‘Don’t cry for my Argentina’ right now).

In coming months/years when financial stability affords itself to my family another bike is in the works. Back to the bike that captivated my soul and stole my heart… a Sportster. The last time I had one, Ronda called it my mistress. I’ve got my eyes set on a particular model of Sportster and I’m already scheming the mods. It will be glorious.

Anyway, enjoy these last two photos of Mad Max I will ever take (the one above and the featured photo you don’t see in this post).

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