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HMW Run 2

Last night I ran my second run in my high mileage week.

It felt great. I had some anxiety and frustration that just needed to be worked out in a run.

Today just felt like a long day. It wasn’t particularly long, just seemed that way.

I hate it when I get this way. It feel like everything the boys do just makes me angry. I feel like a terrible husband and father when I get like this. It is no fun for anyone.

But anyway, I ran 7.25 miles for the 3rd run in a row and the 3rd time inside a week (only 2 count towards the HMW). My HMW is in full swing.

The run… it was the hardest of the week so far. I can count last Fridays run as I unpack how I felt about this run, but it doesn’t count for this week/Month’s mileage. Since last Friday. Have run 21.75 miles. That a good week for me. This week will be more!

But this run was harder. I felt it more in my legs. Post-run my legs were tight and tired. It felt good though. 7.25 miles is a long way. It feels good to challenge myself this way. It feels good to push past the pain and discomfort and reward myself with a run well done. The whole run, I felt like I was running slower. Reality is, I was only 16 seconds slower than Tuesdays run. Not bad. So the 3 runs of 7.25 have all been within 90 seconds of each other time wise. I will get faster and better.

Check out this map of my run, and the info on my run time. Sweet.


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  1. Well done. Way to push yourself. Leave it all on the pavement!

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