For the last several years, we have tried to make our birthday celebrations for our kids more than just about them. We make them destination birthdays and we take the whole family on the trip. It becomes a very nice family celebration of a birthday. We don’t do big parties with the kids and their friends. We may do cake/ice cream with family. But we go and have a blast somewhere as a family.

This year for Noah’s 8th birthday we went to Seaworld. Honestly, this was the most expensive of these birthday trips to date. We decided on this for a couple reasons – 1. We all really like Seaworld. 2. We didn’t really get to celebrate Hayden’s 6th birthday (we found out Ronda’s grandparents were ill and we needed to visit them on the day we were planning his trip). So we went big this year and rolled both celebrations into one, sorta. Hayden didn’t really make today about him. He was just happy to be at Seaworld.

We had a great time as a family. I think Noah and Hayden rode the kiddie Shamu roller coaster about a dozen times. They had a great time. Seaworld was decorated for Christmas which made it fun. We got to enjoy the Polar Express this time around. We ate pizza and listened to Christmas carols as we walked around. And through a series of circumstances, we will be able to take my parents to Seaworld when they come down this weekend.

All in all it was a good day that we all enjoyed.

Surprisingly, Jagger was the most excited of the 3 about seeing Santa when given the chance. We had our photo taken with him, and this is it: 

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