Remember those commercials? Classic. Why ask why? Try Bud Dry. (If you don’t remember, go here.) But I don’t want to solely remind you of a beer commercial.

I’ve come to the realization there are many questions we can ask God over the course of our lives. And I suppose, technically speaking, no questions is ‘off limits’, meaning I don’t think that God is ever afraid of our questions. I believe the Psalms illustrate a God who enters into relationship with his people and who is not afraid of the questions of his creation. I feel like the book of Job appropriately puts us in our place to remind us, though we may ask any question of God he is not obligated to answer us.

Over the course of my life many things that I have not understood or grasped at the time have happened to me. Each time as I would grapple with and try to understand what is happening to me and my life I struggled with the question why.

Several years ago, I realized knowing why doesn’t always help.

What I have come to understand is that God is the King, with a rain and a p,an much bigger than me and my understanding. To put it plainly, my brains aren’t king-sized and therefore I won’t always understand what is happening and why. There is a bigger picture at work here. Sometimes, my role is to just take what is happening to me and accept it.

I knew this dude who had polio and he was the first one to introduce me to this idea that asking why doesn’t help. He had polio. And he would say, I never ask why. It doesn’t matter why, I still have polio. I was like wow.

So now I take the same approach. It doesn’t matter why. It matters more how I respond to the unplanned. How I react when the monkey wrench is firmly planted in the wheels of my plans. How I trust God to carry me through when I don’t get it.

Why ask why? Exactly, there’s no need to.

Trust God.

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