It has been quite some time since I posted in this thread.

In January I challenged myself to run 1000 miles this year. I started the year very strong in running. I made it through July with admirable numbers. I went on the flounder through the months of August, September and October.
November brought me into a challenge for miles this month.
Two dudes (Ryan & Matt) at church have started running in the last couple of months. So I challenged them to see who could run the most this month. I have been ahead the whole month.
As I have challenged these two dudes along the way, I keep challenging them to break their own records. Each one of them will post personal records in several areas this month including farthest run, most miles in the month, fastest 5k and fastest 2 miles. Between the three of us, records have been broken left and right.
Some records that I have broken personally are:
  • Fastest 2 mile run – 15:48
  • Most 10k runs in a week – 2
  • 2nd fastest 10k time – 53:39
  • Second farthest run this year – 7.25 miles (7.5 miles is my farthest run… which I will break in December.)
  • Most miles in a month this year – 70.39

In the past I have tried to run 20 miles a week for a total of 80 in a month. This month, I aimed to run 25 miles each 10 day segment of the month for a total of 75 miles. I met that goal for the first two 10 day segments. This last 10 days I only logged 20 miles, which leaves me with 70 miles for the month. Which is respectable itself.

I am going to challenge myself to run 80 miles next month. This will require me to be very diligent, but it is doable. This month has shown me this. I will take the same approach and break the month into 10 day stretches and aim to run 27 miles each 10 days.
I am also challenging myself to run an unofficial half marathon in December. This will just be for me. I will plot a route of 13.1 miles and run it for the sheer pleasure of running it.
Hopefully, next month you will be able to read more of this journey as I get back into the swing of logging good miles to gear up for the 2013 Journey of 1000 Miles. I am taking the Epic 30 Day Challenge again in December which will motivate me to read, study the Scriptures and blog each day. I’m already challenging myself to run 80 miles as I said, that’s kinda separate but included in the challenge.
Tune in over the next 31 days and see how the year ends.

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