Right now I am sitting at my internship site waiting for something to get rolling. It appears to be slower this am than yesterday.
Yesterday was my first day at this internship experience. I am interning as a counselor with Catholic Charities in two programs that heave never had counseling services before. They are community-based programs that are targeted at assisting families who are homeless, out of work, struggling to make ends meet, caught in a cycle of homelessness/joblessness, in need of life skills, and in need of counseling.
I can not describe my excitement!!
I live for assisting families to put more tools in their toolbox. This is going to be a great experience that will allow me to hone my skills and passions.
I am the only one in this office that will be counseling the clients… a BIG responsibility. I am a little nervous/anxious, but very excited for God to be using me in this way. I will also get to complete psychosocial assessments for the families, which is just awesome. Yep, I like to do assessments. I like talking to people and hearing more about their stories and finding ways to help them build their set of tools.
I should go and find something to do, rather than sit here and blog… but I wanted to share a little excitement and ask you to join me in prayer as I undertake this awesome task and walk down a crazy road.

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