No, it was not a Freudian slip.

Several weeks ago, I made mention of meeting a dude who offered to complete some personality tests on me. I thought it apropos to begin this way since for us men, our man-ness is often directly related to size of our balls.

We have big balls when we:

– don’t let our wives boss us around.

– make crazy-radical, on the edge kinds of choices.

– we are the first to do that daredevil act like jumping from a moving train.

– we grab life by the horns wrestle that beast to the ground and stand up and yell f___ you at it.

Like the size of our balls makes us the men we are, our personalities make us the people that we are. According to the ‘never wrong’ Wikipedia – Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual.

It is who we are.

This was an eye-opening experience to sit down and speak with this dude, who doesn’t really know me, and have him be able to peg me spot for who I am and what I am like.

This was revolutionary. I learned a lot of things about who I am and why I tick the way I do.

I learned the mechanics behind things in my life that I would have called failures. I learned the why of some of the things I struggle with.

I learned what drives me, motivates me, makes me lie awake at night. I realized the behind the scenes to many of the choices/decisions I have made in my life.

One of the benefits of being in ministry is having the opportunity to further hone my skills by learning more about who I am and why I think/act/feel the way I do. This was a great experience.

I have to be honest, I was wary going in. What if I didn’t like who the tests said I was? What was I gonna do about that? I would be screwed.

Providentially, the tests revealed me to be who I thought I was and more importantly who God knows me to be.

I am wonderfully and fearfully made… God made me how he needed.

And most importantly he loves me unconditionally.

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