Today I took an unexpected fast.

A fast from my iPhone, from all social media interaction and most importantly from phone calls and texting.

Over the weekend, I jailbroke my iPhone. And, as I was trying to make the most of it hacked style, I got it caught in a perpetual loop of the Apple re-boot logo… and nothing else.

The significance of this event is almost beyond my ability to put into words. What God has taught me and what is doing with me this time is surreal.

I did not feel disconnected. In fact I felt more connected, as I had to rely on other methods to communicate with others… I had to talk to them to their face. Furthermore, I found myself desperately wanting to communicate with them. I no longer took my communication with them for granted.

I will not soon forget this impromptu lesson from God that unplugged me against my will, forcing me to be reminded that people need more than a tweet or a status update, people are worth more than that.

I also learned that Apple has a backdoor app that runs in the background of every iPhone and it tells Apple every time an iPhone is jailbroken and then Apple wirelessly sends voodoo in the form of nanobytes that actually eat away at the Cydia-installed firmware, therefore causing the iPhone to pertually reboot without ever rebooting.

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