Motorcycle Repairs, well sorta

I’ve been having some electrical issues with my bike, that I finally narrowed down to a dead battery this week. As I was figuring this out, I was looking around the bike at what is next on my radar for mods to make.

One of the first things I wanna do, is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – pull off the exhaust pipes, sand them down (they are a catchy rust color right now), paint them flat black with high heat paint and then bolt them back on. So as I was tinkering around checking to make sure the bolts would come off, here’s a video to show what I found.

Here are some more photos of the bike torn down a bit to let me do some work. I am toying with the idea of constructing side covers of some kind and re-working the fender to something less obvious.



I really like tinkering on this bike and making it totally unique and different from what it started life looking like.

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