We put Noah and Hayden in a soccer camp this week. I think it is going to be great for them. They seem to have tons of energy and have expressed an interest in following in daddy’s shoes by playing soccer. I told them by the end of the week they were going to be better soccer players than their daddy (in reality this wouldn’t take much), and they ate that up. Thy were like, it’s on and we are gonna beat you! I asked the coach after the first day how they did, he said if they stick with it they could be good soccer players, cuz they have the mindset for it. I was like, really? He said yeah, cuz first thing is you gotta have the mind to run and they have the mind to run. I was like, yes yes they do.

So far it has been a blast for them. They are learning new skills, being challenged and having routine again. Plus they are tired and go to be easy again!

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