I always laugh when I say/hear this.

I wonder when, if I like to run as much as I do why does it take so much motivation to do it sometimes? I dunno.

Either way, I like to run. I have gotten into weights recently too. I am by no means buff, cut, or muscular. But I enjoy going to the gym to challenge myself to be in better shape.

Running is always my fall back, my go to exercise of preference. I just like it. It is therapeutic. It is me against myself. It is about being better than myself. It is about the challenge.

I hate running on a treadmill. I feel like a hamster or gerbil when I do. Running is very much a mind game, that I easily lose when it is one a treadmill.

I used to run late all the time. It was not uncommon for me to leave for a run around 11p. Something has changed in me and it is harder to leave to run that late anymore. I still love it when I do, but I am likely to put it off if I haven’t run by that time of night. I like running late because there is no one else out. I don’t need to see other people when I run. I just want to run against myself. To challenge myself.

It is time alone. I like to enjoy the world around me when I run alone.

It is peaceful.

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