For today’s installment of the blog portion of the Epic 30 Day Challenge, I wanted to share an article I found in the most recent issue of Cycle World magazine. This article delves into 10 motorcycles with soul. I must concur with all these offerings and would drive most of them. By far my favs are the Hellcat, the Forty-Eight and the Moto Guzzi, in that order.

What draws me to many of these bikes is the way they viscerally yank you back to reality, to a bare knuckled, balls to the wall approach to motorcycles.

No frills.

A seat, handlebars and a hefty motor.

Style is created by the simplicity.

As I have ‘built’ my motorcycle, I have attempted to accomplish what these bike builders have done in a more refined way.

Anyway, go check out the article here: 10 Bikes with Soul & Character

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