I’m at camp this week and I’m working on raising support as the missionary this week. I have had the chance to speak 3 times and possibly a fourth tomorrow. I have been working at this for over a year now. There have been various factors that have played into it taking as long. It has, but suffice it to say, it takes longevity to to remain focused and diligent in support raising.

I have learned more about my skillset and passions in life and ministry over the last year that I would have never thought were there. I have been challenged to trust God and to grow in ways I wouldn’t have known were possible. God has taken care of my family as only he can.

I enjoy being able to connect with people and share the vision that God has given to me, to share the work that God is accomplishing in Orlando.

Support raising is hard, but God is giving me the strength to follow through.

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