I have shared on more than one occasion, one of my favorite things about being a dad is sharing first time experiences with my boys. Today we got two all at the same time. At camp during free time they were able to try their hands at archery and BB guns. As you might imagine, they were dismal… They are only 5 & 7. But we had an absolute blast anyway! Watching the joy and excitement as they launched the arrows or as they shot the BBs at hanging pop cans was great. These boys are turning into great men. I keep thinking ahead for when they get older and the cool things we are going to be able to do as a family. There are tons of rocks that need to be climbed, there is a Grand Canyon that needs to be hiked, an Appalachian Trail that needs to be hiked, caves that need to be explored, white water that needs to be rafted… The list is literally endless, and I am giddy with excitement. No matter what else I do in life, being a dad to Noah, Hayden and Jagger is the greatest will always be my greatest accomplishment. These guys are the best.

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