I only missed one thing on vacation – consistent running. Given the amount of driving we did in the last 8 days, about 2850 miles, I slacked on running this week. As I look back at my running log, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s Friday night and I’ve run 11.25 miles this week. The plan is to put in another 5 tomorrow which would finish the week with 16.25. I’m still behind for the year, but with diligence I can make it up over the summer. I’m gonna be at camp next week with Noah & Hayden accompanying me, so that will make it hard to get miles in… looks like it is going to be a Ab Ripper X and push ups kinda week next week.

I really do miss running when I don’t do it. I like running. It is like free therapy for me. I typically run by myself. Thanks to having kiddos, Ronda and I don’t get to run together much at all. I wouldn’t mind having a regular running buddy. But at the same time, I enjoy the solitude of running by myself. It is really a competition against myself. The distance, the time are always waged against myself.

I can always tell how well I’ve eaten in a day based on how I feel when I run. If I’ve eaten like crap or not enough carbs/protein I run out of gas quickly. That makes it hard to finish a longer run.

Alright, enough mindless rambling about running.

You just need to know I like it, I love it, & I want some more of it.

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