the Sanhedrin recognized Peter & John as having been with Jesus.

Average Joes who had a remarkable courage because they were convinced Jesus was the Messiah.

they suffered much persecution, but didn’t give up… they died for what they had seen and known thru experience to be true.

The Christians refused to meld their beliefs in with the Roman pantheon that was accepting of other religions. Christians were willing to worship Caesar and Jesus. Romans viewed Christianity as a superstitious belief system.

Romans thought the Christians were impious (didn’t give respect to Roman pantheon), sexually immoral (women joined in the worship service), and cannibals (ate ‘flesh’ & drank ‘blood’).

therefore Christianity became an illegal religion.

the Gospel is a world view, the message is not our mission. changing people’s lives is our mission which is living out the call of Christ in every aspect of life.

Christianity became a state-religion because Satan couldn’t extinguish through persecution.

are we a part of Christendom or are we a part or Jesus revolution?

I need courage to fight against Satan 1. courage comes from obedience to God 2. courage comes from God’s words 3. courage comes from other’s words

what do we need courage for? 1. invite ppl to church 2. talk with spouse about tough stuff 3. parent children 4. stand up at work 5. change myself 6. realize I’m not a real Christian in the sense that I might not be living the way I should be 7. give my life to Christ completely 8. get up when I fall down and believe God would give me the power 9. step up into leadership 10. say no to keep balance in our lives

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