I just had the opportunity to do something that is growing in its pleasure to me… Talk with someone about how they could support my family and the work we are accomplishing at H2O Church Orlando. The more times I do this, the more fun it becomes to me. I really enjoy sharing with people the work God has called me to. As I told my friend tonight, H2O is my favorite church I’ve ever been to or worked for so it is an easy sell to tell people about what we are doing.

I’ve been in ministry for years, about 16 to be exact, and this is the first time I feel like I’m really fitting in. It has been a lot of round peg, square hole kinda ministry. But not here. H2O is the kind of church I was made for. And to be honest, the support raising process is more akin to my passions than I would have originally thought. I get to build a team of Christ-followers so committed to his kingdom they are willing to sacrificially give to God through the work he has called me to. It doesn’t get any better than that!

God has called me to work at an awesome church, but more than that he has called me to work with awesome people… his people. I am building a ministry team from multiple states that literally spans the breadth of our country. People who have never been to H2O are believing in the work we are doing. Fantastic!

God is awesome. And it is awesome that he has allowed me to work for him in this way.

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