This happened to me on 4.27.12. It was a wonderful experience that I feel was critical to my development as a human being.

I had a wonderful conversation with two delightful Jehovah’s Witness ladies who came to my door this am. I opened with “I work at a church downtown”, but they were undeterred. We talked for a while and it was nice, and I again mentioned I worked at a church downtown. They finally asked which one, I replied H2O and we meet in the old 8 Seconds. One lady was oblivious, but the other knew of 8 Seconds and began to blush… profusely. It was classic! She was very embarrassed to admit she had knowledge of 8 Seconds. So begin the sensitive dude I am, I admitted that we no longer have the bull… I think she turned even redder! Her friend was still oblivious, so I spelled out country western bar with a mechanical bull. Shortly after this point in the discussion, she handed me a flyer and they were on their way promising to return the next time they were in my ‘hood. Finally, an encounter with Jehovah’s Witness that was fun!

What has been your most memorable moment either sharing the Gospel or as you encountered someone sharing the Gospel?

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