Last Saturday we decided to take a family trip to a local spring and put our canoe in the water and have a great time on the water with the family. All the while forgetting that it was Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Here is the thing about springs in Florida… everybody and their brother literally goes to the springs on hot days. So as we nonchalantly left the house around 11am, we got to a full spring. We were turned away. We then called every spring in central Florida… and they were also full.

So as we drove and decided what to do, we stopped at a rest area for our now overdue picnic lunch. As we were eating lunch, a large charter bus and two smaller ones pulled up and dudes in dry fit shirts and kilts got out of them. As they milled around smoking cigarettes and drinking beers, I decided to go ask what was going on. It turns out, it was the Scottish National Soccer team on their way to a friendly match in Jacksonville against the USA team. I wished them luck (they were subsequently beaten badly) and went to packing up the car to go to our next destination.

We decided on heading over to Hontoon Island. We finally got there and got the canoe in the water, but not before Jagger was reaching his breaking point due to not having a nap. We did our best to keep him from tipping the canoe as he impatiently moved around and tried to get in the gator-infested waters. We decided to call it a day and head over the playground on the island. All the boys had a blast on the playground until we told them it was time to go and walk around. Jagger literally threw himself on the ground and screamed. It was very funny. We walked for a few and then packed up the canoe and headed home.

One of the things I have noticed about being a dad is the need to be able to shift on the fly well. I usually don’t. I don’t like change very much at all. When things don’t go the way I want them to, I often have a hard time with it. This was not the case on Saturday. I wanted to canoe and was going to do whatever I needed to in order to make it happen.

Being a dad stretches me daily. It forces me to step out of comfort zone and stop thinking about myself and to begin to think of others first.

Today, we went to watch the Fine Arts Performance for our boys at their school. There was great joy in watching them sing their songs with fervor. Our oldest had a few lines and our middle sang his heart out as a lion, “I’m the main event in the circus tent… I’m the original jaws!” It was incredible.

I actually couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

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