Sounds like the beginning of Kung Fu Panda… Legend tells of legendary battles of legend… You know you have lost the battle of being cool to being a dad when you quote shows/movies found on the Disney channel or Nickelodeon.

I have challenged myself for the month of June. Recently, in my life there has been no shortage of epic challenges I have set before me… just a drastic lack of epic response to them. I tend the set the bar for me very high… which works since I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy. But as I have set a high bar I have failed to attain it because my epic-ness has failed. It has been epic fail.

I turn this trend around this month.

I am embarking on a 30 day challenge to daily complete the following tasks:

  1. Read/study the Scriptures.
  2. Read some of a book.
  3. Exercise… some form, somehow.
  4. Write a blog entry.

As I close the first day of the month and the first day of the challenge I have succeeded. Day one in the books.

Stay tuned for more.

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