There is an art to being a boy. I’ve noticed when watching my children play (especially the oldest 2) their sense of creativity & imagination is astounding.

A few perfect examples of this:

1. Ramps
There is a set of 11 year old twins that live across the street from us. Good kids. And Noah & Hayden play with them often. As we did growing up, they are constantly riding bikes. They find any collection of random objects to craft a ramp. They’ve built some respectable ramps. Noah even devised a way to build one using a small tree in our front yard. Crazy.

2. Treehouse
Fort, treehouse, hideout, etc. what ever you called them growing up; it was a collection of wood put into a tree to create a space that was all your own. Again, I’ve seen the creativity & determination come out as I haven’t had the time to build the desired treehouse. They hoisted wood (and other objects) into the tree themselves and built a treehouse that multiple platforms to hang out on.

Boys will be Architects.

3. Weapons
Swords, daggers, Bo staves, machine guns, pistols, miniguns, lasers and anything in between. It only takes a stick and a small amount of imagination and you are ready to begin a quest to vanquish the enemy, track a yeti or hunt dinosaurs. Have a toy sword or gun is just a bonus, but having that favorite stick that is both a sword and a gun (depending on the day) is epic.

Boys will be Warriors.

I sometimes forget the enthusiasm and passion that comes out in children. The sky literally is the limit to imagination. Everyday is the beginning of a new adventure. They haven’t been stifled by the mundane. The normal and ordinary haven’t sucked the life out of them. They see things with fresh, adventurous eyes and enjoy almost anything because of it.

As adults, and especially as parents, we would enjoy our life tons more if we endeavor to be more our children. If we seek to make everyday an adventure with our family. If we seek to enjoy each moment with our family. If we look at life through fresh eyes.

After all, Jesus said let the little children come to him, for the kingdom belongs to them.

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