This is gonna be just for fun and for you to laugh a me. I have realized I possess 3 fears that are completely irrational and have no basis for me being afraid of them. I will share them with you and allow you to laugh, poke fun, and just have a grand time at my expense.

So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Sharks. I guess I may have seen Jaws either too many times or at too early of an age. I am terrified of being eaten by a shark, in any body of water including a pool. Yes, it is that irrational. This coupled with the fact that I am a generally poor swimmer attributes to my overall fear of water. I would love more than anything else to complete a triathlon, but there’s that whole swimming thing. I have no idea why, but I’m just scared of sharks. Coincidently, this also keeps me from learning to surf. I can’t pinpoint a beginning of this fear, but it has been around for awhile.

2. Dinosaurs. More specifically, being eaten by them. I used to have this dream where dinosaurs played a prominent role. My parents were house parents for a children’s home in east Tennessee for a little while and to the right out the front door was a wooded area. I don’t know if I ever went into this area, but in my dream there was a trail and a stream. I distinctly remember a dream I had often where I was in those woods with dinosaurs chasing me. I don’t think I ever had that dream while we lived there. It was a dream that happened after we moved. It was always the same dream. Now I often, fear being attacked by dinosaurs while I run at night. My in-laws neighborhood is the freakiest for this. If its cloudy or a little overcast or rainy, I begin to watch for dinosaurs… As though I could do anything about it if they wanted to chase me down. Yes, it’s unreasonable and irrational… But scary too.

3. Being abducted by Aliens. Let me begin by saying I don’t even believe in aliens. There’s no need for them in the created order or in Scripture. No need. They aren’t real, not even a little bit real. But I fear what experiments they may do on me if they ever caught me. Probes. I don’t want to be probed with anything by anyone for any reason. I suppose you never know for sure though. There have been movies, stories and legends of aliens for years. Maybe aliens were the catalyst that God used to create our civilization. Probably not, but they may be out there watching us, waiting to get me alone in a vulnerable location so they can abduct and then probe me… With their spindly-long, creepy gray fingers.

There you go. Laugh at me… A lot. Have fun at my expense. Enjoy it while it lasts. I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it… Just know I will lay in bed tonight trying to figure our which of these three will kill me first.

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