I hate leaves.

I grew up in a house that had 7 giant pecan trees on a half acre lot. It was an 1850 built plantation house for 150 acre pecan plantation. If you know nothing about pecan trees, know now that in the fall they drop an amount of leaves that can only described as ‘well more than you can imagine’ (thank you Star Wars). One of my all-time favorite movie lines involves leaves. The movie starred two governors to be… guess the movie, actors who became governor and describe the scene, in the comments section along with the best reason why you should win and I will send you a surprising award. So here’s the line:

Person 1: When the big man was killed, its blood was on the leaves.

Person 2: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Now, let’s try to pull this back to reality and the subject at hand. When I think of leaves, I think of an obstacle that seems almost too big to overcome. Getting ready to go on vacation can sometimes be like this. Today we are preparing to leave for a week-long trip to Georgia. And it has been a busy day trying to get everything prepared to be gone for a week. Busy, busy, busy. Add to the chaos Orange County Public Schools scheduled this as a teacher work day.

As I made out my To Do List fro the day it seemed as insurmountable as those God-awful leaves back home. Here I am towards the end of the day with most of them accomplished. I am happy. This is the most least-anxious I have ever been prior to a trip. I tend to turn into an arsehole when trying to leave and get all jerkified. Not today. We will leave when we leave. This insurmountable task list is dwindling… which is good cuz so is my energy. The best way to enjoy the trip is to enjoy the process of getting ready to go.

Anyway, I’ve put off finishing the last little bit to get us ready long enough (I had to search my iPhoto library for a photo of the infamous house. You can see several of the referenced pecan trees and even some of the hated leaves.)

527 Oglethorpe Ave.

Next time you read a post from me, it’ll be from a cabin nestled in the north Georgia mountains as I escape reality and spend a few days alone with Ronda.

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