We wrapped up Vintage Faith this week by looking at the faith journey of Abraham and Sarah. One of the main points that we drove home with this teaching was that their faith journey, like ours, is one with ups and downs. There are times when we follow God intently and and we are spot-on in walking down the path he leads us on and other times we fail epically.

We also discussed that every time we fail it feels like an epic fail, a fail that is life-ending and one we can’t come back from. This is very much not the case. Our epic failures are the times when God comes close, lifts us up and carries us back to where he wants us. Our epic fails reminds us that it is ok to fail… So long as we get up and chase God again.
This teaching was a first for H2O, because Eli and John used this message to try out the co-teaching method. We have some other messages planned to use this format, so this was the trial run I suppose. We don’t typically link back to the message from the blog, but we are going to today for you to get easy access to the message and hear for yourself.
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