So here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking there are days we have things planned and everything goes according to plan. It’s like we are the A-Team and Hannibal sits back, smiles triumphantly and proclaims ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

And then there are days when not so much. No matter what you try, What you do, how you adjust, nothing goes as planned. Nothing.
This is life. It’s cliché, yes but also true. Life does not always do what we want it to. Call it karma, bad vibes, bad luck, cosmic forces working against you, consequences of a fallen world, or maybe it just wasn’t your day.
Whatever the reason things don’t always go the way we want. Both in the little and in the big. And yes, there is a difference… although it sometimes doesn’t feel like it.
Let me share an example:
Several weeks ago I was going to see my doctor, since I pulled the classic irresponsible patient by waiting until I was out of medication before calling for an appointment. This doctor is in Kissimmee. I live in Orlando. Due to traffic, distance, etc. I need to plan for about an hour to get to the doctor. Yeah, it’s kinda far but I like him. So I hop on my trusty old-arse GSX-R1100 (my motorcycle that is just like its owner in that it has issues and works most of the time) for the journey to the doctor. As I expected I hit heavy traffic. And then bike died. Let me back up and say that early in the morning (when it was cold, for Florida… Probably only about 50 degrees) I drained the battery and couldn’t get it started. Later that afternoon as I left for the doctor’s office, it cranked right up. So as I sat in the left lane of 3 lanes of traffic with the light turning green on a bike that was dead, I was monkey wrenched. Monkey wrenched is what I call it when things don’t go the way they are supposed to. I irritated traffic and merged to the right shoulder. Attempted to crank it. Nothing. Called my doctor to reschedule (this was a Monday afternoon, after several attempts I finally made it to the doctor on Wednesday). Then I called AAA. I evidently don’t have the motorcycle coverage on my plan. They would send someone out to tow, but I would have to pay cash. Who has enough cash on them regularly to pay unexpectedly pay for a tow truck? Not this guy. I declined that offer. Then the AAA lady offered to add the coverage to my plan, let my bike sit in the ‘safe place I currently was in’ for 72 hours and then send someone to get it. Yeah right! You know you can’t add services or get AAA and use it for 72 hours, they wouldn’t want you to abuse the system. Strangely, if you are calling to get AAA or add services it’s because you need them right now. It’s not like there’s and unlimited number of tows or that your don’t sign up for a year. Anyway, digress. At the intersection I was at was a Walgreen’s. So I navigated through the stopped traffic through the course of a several light changes to get into the parking lot of the aforementioned Walgreen’s. I get in touch with my in-laws, who thankfully live nearby with a trailer, and my father in-law comes to get me. It doesn’t take him too long to get there. I think I only waited an hour and a half. As I waited I purchased a Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte with the energy drink mixed in and waited. Check out this cool photo as I laid in the parking lot next to my bike:
Why bring up monkey wrenches?
I think one of the most telling things about us is not the monkey wrenches that crop up, but how we handle them. This time I did well. I took it as a chance to slow down and relax Not always the case for me. Life is about tackling the obstacles that come our way. Each day, each obstacle is an opportunity for us to respond in a myriad of ways. The bottom line is this: is the way we respond going to reflect Christ or not? Sadly, my response doesn’t always.
Fortunately, there are second chances.
When your life is monkey wrenched you have two choices, respond off the cuff with the first thing that comes out of your mouth, or slow down a moment and think through how your response can glorify Christ.

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