We have been working through a series called Vintage Faith. We took a look at various Old Testament heroes and their faith journey. The first week we looked at Joshua and Caleb, the second week we looked at Hosea and his wife Gomer, week three was Elijah and the final week was Abraham and Sarah. Each week we contrasted how these people had real, authentic faith a vintage faith, not a virtual faith. They lived their lives as though they trusted God and in fact did trust God throughout their life.

I had the opportunity to speak this past Sunday during the fourth message. John and I co-taught this lesson. This was a new experience for me and I think it went mostly well. We are planning on doing it again for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. John and I get along fairly well and I think the chemistry we have can only increase.
It was a fun experience for me. Of all the things that I have gotten involved in at H2O Church, the teaching is my favorite. I love teaching/preaching, whatever you want to call it. I love speaking in front of people. It is one of my favorite things to do. I just like. I take every chance I can get at the church to do it. We have been at H2O Church for almost 3 years total and I feel like I have been able to demonstrate the quality of my character to be trusted on stage. At H2O we take speaking in front of the church very seriously and not everyone is allowed to do it. You kinda gotta earn your stripes. I feel happy to know I have. Earlier this year, the official teaching schedule for the year was published and I made it several times. I think when the initial MTD phase is over, I will make that schedule more. But since the publication of the schedule, I’ve already been fit on it 2 extra times.
I have issues with feeling value and worth and being trusted by my pastors and co-laborers at H2O makes me feel very valued and worthwhile. This is a big deal for me. A very big deal. I can’t express how much this impacts me.

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