Week three of our Vintage Faith series brings us into the life of the prophet Elijah. We briefly looked at how he stood before 450 (false) prophets of Baal and challenged an entire nation to return to God, but shortly after this enormous victory he ran and hid in a cave for fear of one woman.

It was in this message that John first brought forth the idea of the dichotomous nature of our faith journey. We would later explore this further in week four as we looked at the faith journey of Abraham & Sarah. Our faith journey is filled with times of failing, times of faith, times of failing, times of faith… You get the point. Elijah highlighted how we often follow high experiences in our faith with times of epic fails. This is a reality that is painfully true in my life. My biggest fails seem to have come immediately after my biggest moments of faith.
Is your life like that? Do you find you epically fail miserably after you have times of great faith? If you do, you are in good company… Elijah did too.
This is a great time to point out that we need to make sure not to use these times of failure as an excuse to not live lives characterized by faith. God calls us to be holy as he is holy. He is calling us to follow him and to strive live lives worthy of his calling.
We will fail. We will epically fail miserably. That’s no excuse to stop.
Elijah recovered and ultimately was responsible for getting the people of Israel to kill Queen Jezebel (the name Jezebel has it’s origins in the word for dung, therefore she is the dung queen), who was one of Israel’s most wicked monarchs. Elijah was able to overcome his failure and still be used by God.
If Elijah can do it, so can we.

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