We were in week of our Vintage Faith Series this week at H2O Church and we looked at the faith of the prophet Hosea. He was called by God to marry a prostitute as an image of the unending love of God for his people, despite that we often act as prostitutes and give ourselves over to other lovers. We used this skit in a reader’s theater fashion. It was originally written by Greg Adkins and Mendi Young, but we made a few edits in order for it to better fit our audience. I feel the skit itself is pretty powerful in conveying the message of the greatness of God’s love for us. I had the chance to play the role of Hosea… it was hard, yet strangely easy to put myself in the shoes of this man. We wanted to share this with you:
Hosea- She’s not exactly the type of person I thought I’d end up marrying. But when God speaks …. you listen. And God made it clear who I was give my love to, and who it was that would bear my children. Her name is Gomer, a prostitute.

Gomer He’s not exactly the man I thought I’d end up . I’ve been with many men in my day, but none as foolish or as plain as this Hosea. I mean, why would such a man of God choose to marry me. I just don’t get it. But, here I am, Gomer, the wife of Hosea.

Hosea- Ours was not what you would call a “model marriage”. It was tough putting the past behind us, since everyone in town knew the past. God was good to us, He gave us 3 beautiful children, but I could sense something in Gomer, a feeling of… of restlessness.

Gomer We had three children. They were beautiful, but they were just kids. To Hosea, though, they were special. And I was somehow special to him too. He was forever buying me wine and new fragrances trying to cheer me up. But despite all of his efforts, I was bored. I’m just not cut out to be a mom, and I could tell he knew it too.

Hosea- I tried everything, I mean everything cuz i loved her. I really loved her.  (pause) she started to go out at night and not come home. As much as I didn’t want to know, I knew where she was.

Gomer– My “old friends” in town missed me, my men friends and I missed them and the life I shared with them. My old life, the night life, was where I belonged. One morning after an evening with one of my “old acquaintances”, I noticed someone sitting across the street. As I came closer, I realized, it was Hosea.

Hosea– One night I followed her. I followed her to some house in a really bad part of town. I sat across the street, out of sight, and I waited. I waited there all night long. I just kept saying to myself, “why are you doing this, “why are you waiting around for her, you know what she’s doing, you know why she’s here, why don’t you just go home … ” But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t. Morning carne, and I saw her. As I walked toward her, she almost seemed afraid like I was going to hurt her or something, but I simply went up to her, took her hand, and we went home.

Gomer– He was actually glad to have me back. After I told him everything I had done, he told me be loved me. He loved me! I didn’t deserve his love. I didn’t really even want it. It was different than any I had every experienced. he love me without wanting anything in return. Day after day, he simply presented me with his heart, and day after day, I broke it Yet, there he remained. He was exasperating. he was just so … so … loving and gentle. It drove me crazy, and I had to get away. I knew that one of the men I had been seeing would allow me to live with him. It seemed easier. So I packed my bags, and I left my husband to live wilh my lover.

 Hosea– One morning she didn’t return. I looked around the house and all her stuff was gone, everything. I had no idea where she had gone, but I knew why. She just didn’t get that I loved her. I loved her so much, I would have died for her. 

Gomer– “So I was living with my lover…and I hit rock bottom.  I had this problem where I would…buy things.  And when the man I was with was presented with the debt I owed, he…he threw me out.  He took me to the slave market to…to sell me…(sobbing).  Then I saw Hosea.  “Here it comes,” I thought.  I’m gonna get what I deserve, rejection.” but as I’m looked into hosea’s silent eyes, I saw love. The same sweet persistent adoration he has carried with him since we were married. I don’t understand it. I don’t know if I ever will.

 Hosea– A few days after seeing her, God spoke to me again.  God said, “Go back and love her even though she’s a prostitute,”. (long pause, emotional wrestling)…So, I did….And uh, her situation had changed.  You see the man she was living with was selling her….Selling her as a slave!  I found her in the slave market, stripped naked so the men could determine her “worth.”…So, I bought her….For just a couple bucks, I bought what was already mine…and took her home.”

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