Many people have said many smarter [sic] things about this than I could, but I want to make an observation.

In the Genesis account of creation, God creates life and everything out of nothing (ex nihilo if you are into the Latin or just like to use fancy-sounding words). The beginning of God’s interaction with us as the Creator, he creates something out of nothing.

Here in John’s Gospel we have Jesus supplying wine for a wedding party out of nothing. There’s obviously tons more going on here with this simple, even mundane miracle Jesus performs but I want to remark he created the wine out of nothing. The beginning of his interaction with us as the Messiah, he creates out of nothing.

There probably is no significance to this at all, except that it illustrates a continuity of God’s god-ness. Creating something from nothing is kinda his thing. Which is great because if you are like me you probably feel like nothing often. If God can bring life out of nothing (a literal vacuous expanse of nothingness), turn water into wine, bring old dead dry bones to life… Then there is hope for me after all.

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