This was by far the worst week of the year for running yet. I was sick both physically and mentally. I would have a hard time placing it, but this was a very hard week for me. Just tough. As such, I found it hard to want to run at all.

Sunday – No run for me
Monday – no run for me
Tuesday – took Gray for a run around Lake Baldwin to the tune of 4.1 miles.
Wednesday – Thanks to gluten and this stupid cold, I felt too horrible to run. I suck incredibly.
Thursday – I ran my regular run of 4.1 mi, but this run was anything but ordinary. 2 things were significant about this run. A couple of things stand out to me about this run. First, before I ran I was watching a show called “Is it Real” where they explore the unexplained to determine if it is, you guessed it, real. I was watching one about crop circles. This episode discussed whether they were man-made or alien-made. I don’t believe in aliens, but that’s another post (that I will share for you to laugh at me). The point is I was overcome with feeling of apprehension before and during my run. Very strange. So as I ran every tree, bush, shadow, play of light, mailbox, everything become something sinister out to get me. I thought the feeling of apprehension would stop as I ran, but it didn’t. Several times I was convinced I was being followed. The second thing was I took Shelby with me and she did good.
Friday – didn’t run.
Saturday – Also, lamely, didn’t run.

What I Learned/Realized while running this week:
I realized I have got to do a better job of committing myself to several disciplines I am attempting to implement in my life this year: Sleep, healthy eating, exercise, personal time with God, being a better dad/husband. If I don’t get my act together I will continue to drop the ball in all the areas… Which I did this week.

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