On sunday John continued our series on Creeds that Changed the World by teaching on the topic of sanctification. His message was outstanding and you should really cruise over to our website and check  it out by going here. Rather than re-hash the entire teaching, I want to pull out a few points that stuck out in my mind.
A good place to begin is by defining sanctification. The definition we used on Sunday is two-fold:
1. The state of being set apart by God
2. The life-long process of becoming holy in the way we live
These are two points to understanding sanctification.
First, it implies the end result of being holy is a journey towards God. As 1 Corinthians 1:2 states, we are ‘Set apart in Christ Jesus’ – distinguishing that we have been brought to life in Christ from being dead in sin. We are not just ‘forgiven’, we are called to transform into something greater.
Secondly, it implies the life-long process is going to be war. This isn’t going to be a transition we can make easily. It isn’t something that will happen over night. It isn’t even something that we will realize this side of Heaven. The call to be sanctified we find in Scripture is one that we must pursue with fervent action as though it was a war. We have to approach our becoming holy like we are fighting a war, because in reality it is a war. God and Satan are fighting for our souls.
Which side are going to stand with?
Are you ready to make war against the Liar, the Deceiver, against the opponent to all that is good?
Let’s stand together and MAKE WAR!

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